2016 Severe Weather Awareness Week

Are you weather ready? The City of Memphis Office of Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service Memphis are proclaiming February 28 -March 5th Severe Weather Awareness Week! All Memphians are encouraged to consider the impact of severe weather and to have a plan mapped out in case they are faced with what could be potentially dangerous consequences.

Each day will focus on a different topic dealing with severe weather:

Monday, February 29 - Severe Thunderstorms
Tuesday, March 1 - Floods
Wednesday, March 2 - Tornadoes
Thursday, March 3 - Lightning
Friday, March 4 - Warning Reception

During the week CoMOEM will encourage all residents of Memphis to prepare:
Set up a Twitter and Facebook account and follow MemphisOEM in order to receive important alerts when emergencies happen or disaster strikes

Learn how to text in case you need to summon help and you can't get a call out on your cell phone
Check your flashlights in your home and make sure they have working batteries

Put a roadside assistance kit in your car

Put a pocket size first aid kit in your purse or briefcase

Teach your children how to use 911

Write down important contact numbers on a notepad in case your cell phone dies and you need to call someone

Figure out where you put your important documents to include social security cards and insurance papers and move them to a safe and collective location

Check your smoke detector batteries

Look under your kitchen sink to see what types of hazardous chemicals you have and whether or not they are properly

Clean up your yard; this is good protection from the stormy season and cleaning overgrown brush

Check back for updates and ways to make your family or business Severe Weather Ready!